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To Bee or not to Bee?

To Bee or not to Bee?

You may not realize it but a huge portion of the agricultural work force is in decline, and I don’t mean they’re moving on to bigger and better things or retiring – I mean they are dying – in droves.

If you haven’t heard about the plight of the lowly honeybee, we are in the midst of what could be a major crisis – and not just for the bees. It is estimated that bees contribute at least $15 billion to our agricultural output and with colonies disappearing at a rate of at least 30% per year via the mysterious affliction appropriately titled “Colony Collapse Disorder” – you can imagine the effect it is having and will continue to have on crops. This of course eventually trickles down to our own wallets and dinner tables.

Many have already recognized the implications of CCD and have started creating “apiaries” or beehives in their own backyards – culling a mutually beneficial relationship that aides in the restoration of bee colonies and rewards its landlords with delicious honey, and a vibrant thriving garden.

Bee Keeping is not for everyone though, especially if you are allergic – but if you are interested, visit the links below to get the “what’s what” and the “how-to” on both CCD and keeping your own bees.

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