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Think outside the box

Think outside the box

April showers bring May flowers. Garden lovers everywhere are dreaming, planning, and preparing for spring bloom. But not everyone has a green thumb.

Southern Living’s photo gallery of over 80 garden ideas may be the visual inspiration that reluctant gardeners need. Container gardening lends itself to simple projects that provide seasonal color without arduous maintenance. Any container will do. Here are a few traditional and non-traditional options:

  • Ceramic pots come in all shapes and sizes. Raised bed planters are ideal for cultivating herbs and vegetables. Check out Simply Planters to research available styles and sizes.
  • planter that does double duty as a fish tank might be perfect for the office or child’s room.
  • The Roly-Poly-Pot communicates its need for H20. When water levels get low, the pot literally tips.

There’s an added bonus with container gardening’s simple beauty. Households need not spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on purchasing the right chambers. In his book, The Revolutionary Yardscape, recycling guru Matthew Levesque shares ideas on repurposing salvaged materials into landscape delights. Levesque urges home gardeners to think outside the box but within good taste. “A toilet planted with flowers in the front yard is only going to turn [repurposing] into a clumsy joke,” he tells the San Francisco Gazette. “Wit is fine, but you have to think it through enough to make the final product beautiful.”