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The Agony of Moving

The Agony of Moving

As the month of May approaches, we draw closer to the moving season. People are scaling up, scaling down, renting homes and buying homes; one thing they are not doing however, is looking forward to the actual packing and moving aspect of the whole process.  Figuring out how to pack and cram everything you own inside a truck and haul it off to the next place where you subsequently unload and unpack it all – without breaking anything – is something we all (except true masochists) dread. It also happens to be that one magical weekend where all your friends and family suddenly have plans or fall ill (they’d totally help you out if they could though).

And then there are those who have done this enough times to figure out that it’s just not worth it. Enough bribing people with pizza and beer, and using your relationship as leverage to get people to do things you wouldn’t want to do yourself. It’s time to suck it up and call a moving company.

In a perfect world, the moving van pulls up and the movers knock on your door. They are two gentlemen with the brawn of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the sophistication and tact of that guy from the Dos Equis commercials – complete with accents. They treat your belongings as if they were their own (better even) as you sit back and sip on a martini. This is the real world though – and those movers are just a couple a dudes trying to get your stuff from one place to another as fast as humanely possible.

Before you cancel your reservations for the U-Haul, read this bit of advice from Shannon O’Brien at You can knowledge up on some of the pitfalls of hiring movers, where things can go wrong and how to avoid them.