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Keep out household pests

Keep out household pests

As the summer weather turns cold, outdoor pests start to look for indoor shelter. Protect your home from common pests this winter by following these maintenance tips provided by Rose McMillan on HomeGain Blog.

  • Plug and seal leaks around the home to prevent moisture, which attracts pests.
  • Install or replace weather stripping on doors and windows.
  • Treat your home for termites with a reputable pest control company.
  • Store food in sealed containers and keep leftovers off counters.

Households with small children or pets might consider alternatives to bug sprays and hiring a professional pest controller, if the problem is relatively small. eHow Home suggests using the use of boric acid, cedar, and apples and cinnamon to ward off insects like roaches, ants, and moths.

If you’ve got raccoons, moles, and other varmints hanging out in your backyard, try making a totally natural repellent, shown below in this ehow video.