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How to woo the seller

How to woo the seller

Many experts say that residential real estate is currently a seller’s market with narrow inventory bringing in scenarios of multiple bids. Buyers who have to compete are often encouraged to write letters as a way of distinguishing themselves from the pack. But wooing the seller requires tact, clarity, and concise writing.

According to¬†and,¬†these do’s can take your letter from mundane to captivating:

  1. Use some flattery — Share the property features that your household finds appealing.
  2. Be brief — Get to the point and do it swiftly.
  3. Stay humble — Understand that other buyers are vying for the same home so refrain from making demands.
  4. Show financial stability — Demonstrate your fiscal ability to close on the purchase of the house.
  5. Paint a picture — Offer the seller a visual of how your household will value and enjoy the house and the neighborhood. Instead of writing, “I really love this neighborhood because I’ve lived here and gone to school here,” consider an alternative, courtesy of “I spend half of time walking the cobblestone streets around this block, dropping my daughter off at Gilman School and volunteering at Schnitzelfest every summer.”
  6. Close with confidence — Keep the letter succinct and close out with a warm greeting like “thank you very much for you time” rather than “cordially” or “sincerely.”

In the end, how powerful is the personal letter? Some experts weigh in on MSN Real Estate. Ofe Polack, an agent with Coldwell Banker in Manchester, N.H., says that a letter’s persuasive punch really varies on the individual situation. San Diego agent Kim Drusch of Century 21 Award notes that buyers who choose to write letters should always submit them with their agent’s knowledge. “A traditional seller typically is devoted to the home they raised their family in…and are vested in who takes over ‘their’ house from this point forward.”