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Holiday entertaining with Colin Cowie

Holiday entertaining with Colin Cowie

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With the arrival of the holidays, entertaining is in full gear. The philosophy, mi casa es tu casa, still holds true — nothing makes guests feel more special than being wined and dined in a fabulous home setting. According to Colin Cowie, entertaining maven to stars like Oprah Winfrey, the home dinner party requires vision. Without a plan, the event will fall flat.

Play to your strengths. If you like to decorate, invest your time in that over slaving in the kitchen. Guests won’t criticize your hosting ability if the delicious food they’re eating is not homemade. Make your event, from invitation to dessert, a festive and memorable one by employing Cowie’s tips for the buffet-style dinner party.

  • Serve a signature cocktail. Set up a drink station, like the chic lemonade stand shown above, and allow guests to help themselves.
  • Set up food stations that allow guests to nibble or feast at their leisure.
  • Play an eclectic blend of music, limiting the number of holiday songs.
  • Dim the lights and illuminate lots of candles.

The true life of the party is the host, so set up your house the night before and reserve time for primping on the day of the event. A cool and collected hostess sets the right tone for her guests.