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Hit the snooze button no more

Hit the snooze button no more

These alarm clocks are not your traditional buzzers. Designed to make early mornings more bearable to those who are challenged to rise and get moving, some connect to the Internet, while others roll off the nightstand.

The Sony Dash, retailing under $200, allows you to stream music and video, check e-mail, and see local weather reports. When not in use, this small Internet viewer will display personal photos.

Another bedside assistant is the Chumby One, retailing at $120. It connects to the Internet via a wireless network. Go ahead — play your radio, read the paper, and peruse your mail whilst in bed.

Should you choose to ignore the wakeup call, the Tocky (retailing at $69) will roll off your nightstand and keep playing the a.m. announcement (your downloaded music or a personalized greeting) until you get out of bed and literally stabilize it. The silicone “skin” comes in a variety of colors.