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Got Junk?

Got Junk?

We all have at least a few things tucked into the corners and crevices of our homes and garages that we just haven’t figured out what to do with. The fine people over at have stepped in with some great ideas on what to do with a few of those items. On the interwebs we like to call these nifty tricks “Life hacks” and depending on what you have just laying around, there may be a few that appeal to you.

Got a sawhorse? Make a clothes rack. Got an old ladder? Make a bookshelf. Got some old shoes with holes in them? You’ll probably just have to throw those away. Admittedly a couple of these are a little farfetched, for instance – I wouldn’t expect that many people have random tree branches cluttering up their houses…  Regardless, most of the ideas are fun and innovative – and may spark some “Life Hacks” of your own. Take a Look at the slide show below:

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