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Get organized for Tax Day

Get organized for Tax Day

Do you have a system for organizing your sock drawer? If the answer is yes, you’re more likely to file your taxes on time, according to Forbes’ “25 Best Cities for Neat Freaks.”

Doxo, an e-payment solution site and digital filing cabinet, has taken a stab at ranking America’s cities for their inhabitants’ attention to detail and organization. Steve Shivers, co-founder and CEO of doxo, says that people who file taxes on time tend to manage their paperwork better, year-round. In 2008, Shivers and partners created the company to help the average U.S. household minimize and navigate their massive amounts of data.┬áThe solution is free. Doxo users upload paperwork into the online filing cabinet, organize the data, access it from anywhere, manage accounts, connect with businesses online, and pay bills in timely fashion.

How did your city do?

  • Boston – #1
  • Los Angeles and San Francisco – tied at #7
  • Seattle – #17
  • Washington D.C. – #22

The doxo Organization Index (dOI) measured primary and secondary factors for ranking cities. 1)┬áPrimary — recycling rates, individual income tax filing timeliness, junk mail cancellations; 2)┬áSecondary — concentration of members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), number of unique providers and documents uploaded in users’ doxo accounts.

Remember that this year’s Tax Day is Monday, April 17. If you’re not yet set up on doxo or another online organizational system, don’t fret. Watch this primer for a quick summary of tax basics to get your household moving in the right direction.