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Compassion Project


To provide support and be a resource to our community to serve those in need.

We want to empower the people we know to be able to do MORE GOOD for the people THEY know! Our goal is be a silent partner and provide the people we care about with resources to allow them to show love and support to people that they come across that are in need. Oftentimes we've found that the people that could use help the MOST are the last to raise their hands and ask for it. Let's work together to be a light in their world.

Here are some examples of potential ways we may be able to help people:

  • Food Delivery Service
  • Pay A Medical Bill
  • Provide physical, hands on assistance with moving, yard work, painting, etc.
  • Prayers
  • Professional Counselor Resources
  • Suicide Resources
  • WIC Programs
  • Help with paying rent
  • Use of the Hauer Courtesy Cargo Trailer
  • Care Giver Resources

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a courtesy of the Hauer Real Estate Group and fellow volunteers. We will do our best to accommodate the needs requested within the resources available to us. If you have an urgent need, please also consider calling your local agencies for immediate assistance. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work together in efforts of doing more good!