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Builder Concept Home 2012 features a house for boomers

Builder Concept Home 2012 features a house for boomers

Three homes. Three generations — X, Y, and Boomer. Builder Concept Home 2012 is sponsored by Hanley Wood, a multimedia firm that develops magazines, online publications, exhibitions and conferences, and custom marketing and data services for the construction and building industry.

Homebuyers are invited to take a photo-realistic virtual tour of the Boomer house, which is online starting February 8. The home features a one-level floor plan with plenty of private, common, and outdoor spaces for the older couple who remains active. While the house was conceptualized for baby boomers in retirement, this property is potentially functional for a small family unit, no matter what the age of household members.

This Boomer house seeks to provide comfortable living spaces with the latest design features:

  • A covered courtyard for entertaining gives guests direct access to the dining area and connects the two main parts of the house — the bedroom suites and the great room.
  • Sliding glass panels are integrated for several of the rooms throughout, allowing easier access.
  • The master bedroom suite is complete with a zero-threshold walk-in shower and an adjoining study.
  • And the guest bedroom has its own kitchen. It’s perfect for the “boomerang” child, relative, or caregiver who needs a suite of their own.

Model homes for generations X, Y, and B are situated in the Eagle Creek golf course community near Lake Nona, about 30 minutes from the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. For those who can’t make it to Orlando, the virtual tour will not disappoint.